The Daddy Daughter Dance NO ONE saw coming! Watch!

One special moment all little girls look forward to is a dance with Dad.

As a child I always did things with my dad. We seemed to be inseparable. As I grew up, I turned into a young woman and it seemed he took a step back to let me reach for my dreams in life. Always supportive, always helping but never asking for anything in return.

He seemed to get more quite in my life as I turned into an adult. All those sounds of us running through the yard playing when I was a kid were replaced with him quietly sitting in his chair as I talked to my mother about boys.

I wish I could go back in time and do a dance like this with my Dad one more time. This little girl shared an unforgettable moment with her father she will cherish forever. It really turned out to be something special! Watch this great video and remember to tell your father you love him! God Bless!

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