Simon thought she was CRAZY to sing a Hymn without any music. Then he heard her SING!

It is hard enough to sing in front of millions of viewers, but it is even harder without the backing of music accompaniment. So daunting is it, that when Chloe Page announces that she will sing a cappella, Simon calls her a brave girl. She then ups the ante by singing one of the most beloved hymns of all time.

Despite her nerves taking over at the beginning – leading to fast chatter – she calms herself and then sings her heart out. The breathtaking performance leaves the judges stunned and competitors shaking their heads. As tears roll down her face, the audience takes to their feet.

With a prediction from Simon that she will make it to the finals, Chloe fights for a position in the competition. Find out if she makes it to a coveted chair. And, see why one judge says he will never forget her.

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