This Mother Wanted to Hold Her Baby One Last Time…You Won’t Believe What Her Touch Did!

We are told of the incredible power of a mother’s touch, but can it bring back a child from the dead? For one couple, it seems as if that is the case. When one of their twins, born prematurely, was pronounced dead, its mother took the child in her arms. She began to talk to the baby, holding him skin to skin for two hours.

Miraculously, the baby began to gasp, but the doctors said it was a reflex action. Kate continued to talk to her baby, and he continued to respond. Eventually, the infant named Jamie, opened his eyes. Surrounded by love and body heat, little Jamie came back to life.

The idea of holding a premature baby against the mother’s skin is called Kangaroo Care. It is believed to help bring health and healing to babies who are struggling. In Jamie’s case, it allowed a miracle.

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