Is this really JESUS in THIS hospital window?

Witnessed claim they have seen Jesus in the window of the chapel in this Florida hospital according to CNN. Some have even snapped pictures with their cell phones as proof.

The brain has a way of processing pictures. We can look at one line and two dots and see a face, or even a circle and lines around it and see a sun. It’s a way our brain’s interoperate shorthand. Emoji’s, cartoons, even stick figures generate a response in our brain that we associate with real objects.

In this day of people seeing Jesus on toast and potato chips, it’s easy to be skeptical of what people really ‘see’. But what people are ‘finding’ at this hospital is what is truly inspiring and miraculous. Faith can move mountains. If your loved one were in a hospital and you saw Jesus in the window, wouldn’t you feel a little more at ease? Now many will claim it’s just a trick of shadows, but watch the video and decide for yourself.

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