Dad Asks His 3-Year-Old Girl To Sing On The Mic, What She Does Next Is Amazing

Dad asked his little girl to sing something for him. When she steps up to the mic, all kinds of “cuteness” happens! Watch below.

This is one of those ‘WOW’ moments you see every now and then not he internet.

Now that we live in a time where we can record almost every moment in our lives, we are seeing some of those WOW moments more often. One Father who knew how much his daughter loved Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, decided that it was about time to record her singing her favorite song from the classic animated movie.

“Part Of Your World” has become one of the most famous songs ever released by Disney. It’s just too precious seeing this little singer, Claire Ryann, give such an amazing performance. She sings it word-for-word as perfectly as a 3-year-old could. Her video has already been seen nearly 8 million times online.

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