Most Awesome Dad And Daughter Wedding Dance Ever

I am all for a traditional father-daughter dance but this, this was outstanding…

Watch this father and daughter cut a rug during the father-daughter dance at her wedding! Not only is this an incredible expression of joy, but it’s also a beautiful example of the relationship fathers should have with their children. This awesome video is sure to bring a smile to your face as they dance to some classic Motown and really impress the crowd with their moves!

If the father-daughter dance is done the right way, there won’t be a dry eye in the place when it’s over. When it’s time to cut a rug with dear ol’ dad on the dance floor, the song you pick is also key as what dance you do. Are you looking for a song that’s soft and sweet or one that will have your guests on their feet? To narrow things down, it’s a good idea to focus on tunes that have lyrics you can relate to, or songs that both you and Dad have always enjoyed.

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