3 year-old boy tells parents a man talks to him at night…what they discovered is terrifying…

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare – a stranger in your child’s bedroom at night. But, what if you were the one that unknowingly let that stranger in?

Modern technology brings safety and convenience to our lives. But, it also introduces unforeseen threats. Imagine the horror when parents discover that the very thing they are using to keep their three-year-old safe and secure at night, welcomes a stranger into their home.

The boy told his parents that he heard a man’s voice at night when he was falling asleep, but his parents weren’t sure what to make of it. Then, one night they heard it, too – a voice coming through the child monitor, telling the boy to wake up, someone was coming. As the boy’s father entered the room, he heard the voice, too. Then, they noticed the night-vision camera moving, while they were not operating it. The monitor had been hacked – and a stranger was watching their every move. Watch to learn more about this terrifying discovery.

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