You’ve Heard the Thanksgiving Story, But You’ve Never Seen It Like This…

What’s a rock got to do with Thanksgiving? Oh, you know…

Thanksgiving has a long history – days have been set aside for feasting, celebrations and thanks since ancient times, and the earliest American settlers whether Spanish or English or French brought their national and religious traditions with them. Memorials were set aside, and now it’s a national holiday. We all know the tale, the story of Pilgrims seeking religious freedom, enduring a harsh winter and with help from native Squanto having a plentiful harvest. It’s uplifting, worth remembering and reflecting…with a rock. Plymouth Rock.


Dear Sister and Brother,

1. God IS in control

2. Life is not always fair, it rains on the just and the unjust…we should not compare our lives to others but focus on the plan God has for us.

3. Bad things will happen in this world, but God promised us a home in heaven if we believe in Jesus. One without sorrow, pain or death…where we never will grow old.

Please share Jesus Daily with your friends and family…

— Aaron Tabor, MD, Founder of Jesus Daily®

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