Where can you find the Hottest Gift this Christmas?

Nintendo’s new mini Nintendo Classic is really hard to find. Not since Tickle Me Elmo has parents been so flustered with stores not having merchandise on the shelves at Christmas time. The tiny Nintendo Entertainment System is currently sold out in most places, but you still may able to grab one. Here are the places giving shoppers hope, and those that have shut down sales.


Walmart online shows a Nintendo mini for sale at a huge price of $299 so beware, this is not Walmart but someone selling through their online service. Your best chance is to go to Walmart when they restock video games. Which usually is around Tuesday but you may want to call your local Walmart and ask their stocking date.

Target is restocking their stores now through Christmas, so it is wise to go check daily. Online, you will not find it at their site. You may want to call your local Target and ask what day they restock but usually they are restocking daily now during Christmas.

UPDATE: Urban Outfitters has sold out.

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