Watching these Twin Babies talking to each other will have you LAUGHING!

Some say twins have their own language. That certainly is true for these two toddlers, who are having a conversation all their own. And it is thoroughly entertaining.

The emphatic babbles and passionate body movements will make you want to be in on the dialog. Whatever the subject matter, each is clearly trying to get his point across. And whatever is being said, it must be funny, as laughter peppers the exchange.

It is hard not to try to figure out what they are talking about. One thing that can be easily figured out, though, is how cute these two are. You won’t want to miss this!

About three in every 100 births are twins. Twins run in families, and, if you are a twin, you have a greater chance of having fraternal twins – meaning the mother releases more than one egg at the same time. This is genetic. Identical twins are the result of an egg that randomly splits, and is not genetic.


In the past 30 years, twin births have risen about 75%, and the chance of having twins increases when the mother is older.

Some twins claim they have special powers to read each other’s minds. Stories abound about twins having a special connection. Recently two identical twin sisters gave birth to their first babies on the very same day, at the very same time, although one lived in Colorado and one in California. Two young twin boys in England reportedly broke the same arm on the same day. Some twins even say they feel pain when their twin is experiencing an illness, injury of condition. One sister experienced morning sickness. She was not expecting, however – her twin sister was, and didn’t even know it yet!!

Whether twins have a special bond or not, most twins will say that being a twin is special. Do you agree?

Did you know that there are twins in the Bible? There are! And they all fulfilled an important role in the story of God.

Dr. Tabor shares about three sets of twins mentioned in the Bible.

Jacob and Esau – Jacob and Esau are perhaps the most well-known of the twins in the Bible. The story of their birth is remarkable (Genesis 25:19-34). Even before their birth, these brothers fought in the womb. When their mother, Rachel, inquired about this, the Lord said to her that there were two nations in her womb – and that the older son would serve the younger. This was contrary to Jewish tradition, but it was not contrary to God’s plan. Although Esau was born first, he sold his birthright to his younger brother for a bowl of stew. Jacob – later called Israel – went on to become the father of 12 sons, who became the patriarchs of the 12 tribes of Israel. Esau became the father of the Edomites, a nation that remained perpetually at war with Israel.

Perez and Zerah – Perez and Zerah were twins born to Tamar. Their father was Judah, the eldest of Israel’s sons. This story is full of trickery, fear and a side-stepping what was duty, but God works through his people, even though we don’t always to things right (Genesis 38). And God is faithful to his promises that the scepter (kingship of God, in this case) would not depart from the line of Judah (Genesis 49:10). Both Perez and Zerah are mentioned as Judah’s sons in the lineage of Jesus recorded in Matthew 1. Tamar is also mentioned there.

Thomas – Often known as doubting Thomas, Thomas, Jesus’ disciple, was a twin. His twin isn’t mentioned in the Bible, but it states that Thomas was also called Didymus, which means twin. Thomas was a passionate follower of Jesus. He is remembered most for refusing to believe that Jesus rose from the dead without placing his fingers in the place of the nails and Jesus’ hands and the wound in Jesus’ side. Jesus gave Thomas that opportunity, leaving Thomas to exclaim, “My Lord and my God!” (John 20:24-19).

Twins ARE special! Just look at the two in this video!! Bring happiness to someone’s day! Share this joyful video!!

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