Very Delicious (and Very Vegan) Holiday Meals!

Finding a good plant-based meal is hard (just ask a vegan)! Finding a good plant-based meal for the holidays is even harder. Either the recipe calls for a silly amount of tofu or the recipe-maker fails to realize the difference between vegan and vegetarian. Well, we have done the groundwork for you and gathered together 13 mouthwatering animal-free meals guaranteed to make your vegan dinners a holiday hit!

Potpie with a vegan twist: Fresh vegetables baked in garlic-cream stuffed into a puff pastry. The best part? It only takes one hour.

Baked eggplant with pomegranate, sprouts, and lentils: This oven-roasted delicacy is good enough to turn anyone into a veggie lover!

Quinoa squash boats: Filled with texture and flavor, these quinoa boats are both healthy and delicious. Have seconds (or even thirds), guilt free!

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