WARNING: This information is only for people brave enough to handle truth and make a difference in this world. We ask you educate yourself with these facts, and then help protect women and children by sharing this with your Friends.

LIE #1 of 9 –– Women like rape

“When she says no, she means yes” is a typical pornography scenario. Women are shown being raped, fighting and kicking at first, and then starting to like it.Pornography teaches men to enjoying hurting and abusing women for
entertainment. LIE #2 is even worse and just makes me sick. Click NEXT below to learn why.


LIE #2 of 9 –– Little kids should have sex

One of the biggest sellers in pornography is imitation “child” pornography. The women are “made-up” to look like little girls by wearing pony tails, little girl shoes, holding a teddy bear.
The message of the pictures and cartoons is that adults having sex with kids is normal. This sets the pornography user up to see children in a sexual way. LIE #3 is equally worse so continue below.


LIE #3 –– Women are less than human

Pornography often refers to women as ANIMALS, playthings, or body parts. Some pornography shows only the body or the genitals and doesn’t show the face at all. The idea that women are real human beings with thoughts and emotions is discarded. LIE #3 is just sick. You have to know this one. Very few people even know LIE #4 that can create sex traffickers, serial rapists and killersso click NEXT to educate yourself!


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