The song that helped George Strait through the tragic passing of his daughter…

June 25, 1986, is the day etched on the hearts of George and Norma Strait. It was on that horrific day, that they lost their 13-year-old baby girl, Jenifer Lynn.

It was just before midnight as Little Jenifer was out riding with three friends when the driver lost control of his Ford Mustang as he attempted to take a turn too fast.  The car rolled over, not far from the Strait home.

Jenifer did not have a seat belt on, was ejected from the vehicle’s open window. Thirteen-year-old little Jenifer Lynn Strait was the only fatality of the horrific, one-car, non-alcohol related accident.

Although Strait refuses to speak of the tragic accident, his 2005 song “You’ll Be There” makes him think of his daughter.

Strait told USA Today: “That song hit home for me for obvious reasons. I’m a religious person. I honestly believe we will see each other in heaven someday.”

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