The Last Words of Jesus – ‘A word of Prayer and Forgiveness’


Last Words of Jesus
On The week of Ash Wednesday and lent we look at the 1st of The seven last words of Jesus from the Cross.

‘A word of Prayer and Forgiveness’

The Scriptures record that Jesus said 7 things as he died-the first of the last words of Jesus was a word of prayer, and it was a powerful prayer of forgiveness.
‘Father Forgive’ them for they know not what they do…
What profound words from the lips of one who taught us to bless those who persecute us, and to forgive our debtors(Mathew 6:12)
Instead of ‘destroy’ or ‘judge’
Jesus calls for forgiveness.
He’s praying for His tormentors and dying for them at the same time.
As blood flows from His wounds, forgiveness flows from His words.
Have you been forgiven By God for your sins? Have you forgiven those who have hurt you? Maybe it’s time you admitted your guilt before a holy God and called out for His divine forgiveness? maybe it’s time we all Stopped for a moment and Lingered here at the cross to pray for the supernatural Grace of Christ’s forgiveness

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