The 31-year-old cat that is about to steal your heart

Nutmeg is a tabby that just celebrated his 31st birthday!

26 years ago Nutmeg showed up outside┬áLiz and Ian Finlay’s door and has stolen their hearts ever since. When they took Nutmeg to the vet, they were told he was at least 5 years old at that point, meaning he must have been born in 1985 or earlier!

The Finlay family is working on getting Nutmeg qualified for a Guinness Record of oldest cat, but they are working through establishing proof of Nutmeg’s age.

World record or not, Nutmeg sure has lived a long time and is proud of it! The Finlay family says that Nutmeg rules the house and knows how special he is. He is a spunky cat that, despite suffering from a serious stroke this last year, is stronger than ever!

Fun fact: Nutmeg is now 141 in human years!


Dearly Loved Children,

  1. God gives us the great gifts of pets, and I am so happy he does!
  2. Never give up, you are never to old to enjoy life.
  3. Make the best use of the time you have here on earth and use it to glorify your father in heaven!

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