The 3 Most Toxic Materials in Your Home — And the Best Alternatives

We all want to keep our home and our family safe. We cherish our homes and want to make sure they suit our family’s needs. There are a few things that we have in our homes that we don’t realize are dangerous, and we use a lot of them every single day! This list will tell you what is harmful and the best (and safest) alternatives!

1. Antibacterial Soaps

Do you use antibacterial soap in your house? Well, guess what? They aren’t as safe as you think they are. Antibacterial soaps contain a chemical called triclosan, which is the primary antibacterial agent. However, triclosan doesn’t mesh well with the human body. It has been known to affect hormone levels and interfere with thyroid functions.

Plus, health experts state that using antibacterial soap too much may lead to the development of newer bacterial strains that are resistant to the soap’s antibacterial properties.  

The best solution would be to stick with regular soap.


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