Students find creepy room in their rental home, you won’t believe what it was used for!

Curiosity got the better of a group of students from Norway when they moved into a creepy home. The landlord told them of a secret room hidden away somewhere in the house that was apparently more than 70 years old and was very difficult to locate. In fact, landlord herself didn’t know exactly where this room was located in the house!

The students then took it upon themselves to locate this secretive room kept hidden for almost 70 years. They shared their results and findings on Imgur and documented their entire mission of locating the missing room.

They finally found the room after many hours of searching the house up and down. The room was a secret space behind the attic of the house. To their surprise, this room wasn’t just any old room but was a secret hideout for families during wars. They uncovered a secret time capsule buried in ancient history. Here’s how the entire story went down:


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