A dangerous food recall may be in effect for your baby’s food

The FDA issued a recall of Sammy’s Milk Baby Food because of the possible presence of Cronobacter, a bacteria that can cause blood infections and meningitis in infants. If infants are exposed to Cronobacter they may experience severe health consequences and even death, yikes!

The recall effects 12.84 oz containers with expiration dates between 11/2016 and 8/2018. It was announced on September 30th an the FDA strongly encourages consumers to return the baby food and not eat it. Luckily no illnesses have been reported yet!

Make sure to be aware of recalls to keep you and your family safe!



Dear Sister and Brother,

1. The physical health of your family is very important!

2. Be aware of the dangers in this world and watch over your loved ones!

3. No matter what happens, God is still always in control!

Share this story with you friends and family to spread this vital safety information!

— Aaron Tabor, MD, Founder of Jesus Daily®

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