This teen follows a suspicious car and you won’t believe what he finds!

15-year-old Temar Boggs is a hero after rescuing a 5-year-old girl from her kidnapper.

It was like any other day in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where Boggs was riding his bicycle through a neighborhood. He had heard a story on the news about Jocelyn Rojas who was reported missing when she recently disappeared from her own front yard.

Boggs noticed a suspicious car that was cautiously passing through the neighborhood and seemed to be avoiding the cops posted at the ends of the street. He had a hunch that this car was bad news, so he took it upon himself to follow behind it on his bicycle.

Once he got close enough to the car he saw Rojas inside and made eye contact with the driver. The driver was frightened and released Rojas from the car before speeding off again. Rojas ran to Boggs asking for him to bring her back to her mother, so he escorted her all the way home!

Watch the video to see how the community thanks Boggs for his heroic actions, it’s so sweet!


Dearly loved children,

1.God loves us so much and is always good no matter the circumstances around us.

2.God gives us courage to do the right thing, and sometimes that can save lives!

3.Take every opportunity you can to do good for other people!

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