This man stopped to get gas but notices something crazy going on with the pump!

Filling up your car with gas can be super expensive already, but one man noticed a potential scam at the gas station he stopped at that could be costing customers even more money than they realize!

“I went to prepay 25 bucks to put gas in my car,” he said. “And then suddenly I noticed something really strange.”

So, he decided to take out his phone and record it. He shows everyone how the meter is charging him before he evens starts pumping the gas into his car! And there doesn’t seem to be any leaks where the gas could be going instead!

After the video was posted on YouTube, many theories have come up about faulty equipment being used, but could it really be a scam just to get more money?


Watch the video to decide for yourself!

Dear brothers and sisters,

1. God calls us to be aware of what is going on around us so that we won’t be tricked or fall into temptation.

2. Money isn’t the most important thing in the world, so do not let your greed overtake you!

3. People aren’t perfect and may not always be trustworthy, but God is!

Share this video to raise awareness on this issue and figure out what it really is!

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