This bride is acting crazy on her wedding day and doctors find out the terrifying reason why!

Stories of brides acting crazy on their wedding day isn’t uncommon, but this bride’s panicked behavior wasn’t the least bit typical.

Kelly was already in a white dress and on the way to her wedding when she was forced to make a pit stop to the emergency room. She had been experiencing hallucinations and anxiety the entire morning and her concerned mother was frantically trying to get her better.

Dr. Panacek came in to treat Kelly’s breakdown trying to give her medication to calm down. When there was still no change in her behavior, Panacek checked the back of her scalp. He then saw the cause of Kelly’s problem and it was terrifying!

Watch the video below to see her crazy diagnosis!


Dearly loved children,

1. The best thing we can do in our times of need and desperation is to stay calm and call on God.

2. God will always allow His plans to work out.

3. God gives us the gift of doctors and caretakers to help us when we are experiencing physical burdens and pain.

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