Nobody thought this man in a coma knew what was happening, but you’ll be shocked at what he witnessed

When he was just twelve years old Martin Pistorius came home from school feeling sick. He was rushed to a doctor and was told he had a degenerative illness. After falling into a coma, doctors told Pistorius’s parents he was unable to understand anything going on around him.

While everyone thought he was completely unaware of what was going on around him, Pistorius was still awake, trapped within his own body and not able to call for help. He heard conversations that nobody thought he could, one statement from his own mother who said she hoped he would die. After experiencing and witnessing abuse from a few of his caregivers while in his “ghost-like” state, Pistorius was afraid and felt hopeless.

Although there was abuse from some, Pistorius said that many of his caregivers were good people. One caregiver in particular that was especially kind was his therapist. In fact, she noticed a certain glimmer in his eyes that pushed the doctors to perform more tests. The tests revealed that Pistorius could in fact communicate and he was then treated with care that allowed him to grow stronger both mentally and physically!

Pistorius has made incredible leaps in his recovery, he is now able to speak by typing on a computer, something that he hadn’t been able to do for 10 years! Better yet, Pistorius is now happily married and even able to drive a car!

Watch the video to hear him talk about the crazy things he overheard and the message he wants to share with the world, it will make you rethink everything!


Brother and Sisters,

1.Suffering in this world is only temporary, don’t give up hope!

2.God is always listening to your prayers even when you feel no one else can hear you.

3.Always set a good example for others, even when you think nobody’s watching.

Make sure to share this story of hope so people can see the goodness of our God!

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