Nervous Teen Collapses In Tears When She Hears Simon Says About Her Performance

Simon Cowell is arguably the toughest judge in all of reality TV, so when he calls someone talented, you better believe they are.

Cowell is the star judge on The X Factor UK 2016 Chair Challenge where he must fill only 6 six chairs with singing contestants he deems worthy of the chance to make it big. At this particular moment he has all 6 chairs filled but there is still one more contestant fighting for a seat.

16-year-old Olivia Garcia walks onto the stage already knowing she is the last singer of the round. She sees that all 6 chairs have already been filled, meaning that in order for her to be in the final six Cowell will have to do the unlikely and take the chair from another contestant.  Although nervous, she reassures the judges that she is gifted and will be getting a chair saying she “only hopes to make Simon proud.”

Cowell wishes Garcia luck but looks at the other judges doubtful while he mutters about how nervous she seems. When Garcia opens her mouth to sing the entire audience roars with applause and Cowell is left speechless. As soon as the music stops, tears begin flowing from Garcia’s eyes when the audience gives her a standing ovation. Cowell’s surprising response might make you cry, and just watch what he decides to do next!


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

1. God gives us strength when we most need it.

2. God is so big that the obstacles we see in our way mean nothing to Him.

3. Have confidence in what the Lord calls you to do and know that He will make it happen!

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