Mother With Rare Muscle Condition Has Miracle Birth

Raising a family is challenging. Growing children take lots of their parent’s time, money, energy and love, but it can be the most rewarding thing a parent will ever do.

22-year-old Sheree Psaila is overjoyed to be a mother of a beautiful baby boy, however her physical handicaps make caring for her child much more difficult than normal. Psaila was born with a rare genetic condition where she doesn’t have muscle tissue in her arms or legs, a disability that leaves her unable to pick up her own child.

Sheree miracale mum

Although she needs assistance caring for her child, Psaila stays strong in knowing that the birth of her little boy Hayden was a miracle in and of itself.

Sheree miracale mum

Psaila has suffered through a lot in life, but these sufferings have only increased her determination to grow and prosper. When she was born the doctors told her parents she wouldn’t live past her first birthday. Psaila did much more than live past the age of one, she took her first steps, enrolled in college and got married to her husband Chris.

Sheree miracale mum

Despite all the doctor’s doubt, Psaila and her husband, who also has a hereditary condition that affects his lower spine, were able to conceive a child and have a surprisingly successful pregnancy. Being barely four feet tall, Psaila shocked doctors when they saw the baby was able to fully grow inside her. Little baby Hayden was born via a cesarean section and miraculously has no disabilities or hereditary conditions! Thank God!

The family gets help from a caregiver that assists Psaila five days a week with the everyday responsibilities of being a mother. Hayden’s dad also takes care of him when they are all home together.

Sheree miracale mum

The struggles Psaila faces while taking care of her son are just more obstacles she desires to take on as she works toward living a normal life. Everyday she works at her dream of living a normal life and we think her work and determinations makes her way better than normal, she is absolutely incredible!

Just look at her sweet family!

Sheree miracale mum


Dear Loved Ones,

1. God has a reason for everything that happens to us.

2. Never give up on what God has called you to!

3. God is always faithful, never forget all the blessings he has shown you in the past and always look forward to more in the future!

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