Mom Continues to Text Son After His Death…Then She Got a Text Back…

Her son died in a tragic accident. Texting him was her way to grieve. She just never expected that she’d get a response. But, when she did, a phenomenal thing happened.

Taylor was a young man with goals, but he never knew that reaching goal number nine on his list would be so costly – to him and his mom. The young man with a smile that lit up a room would die tragically. But Taylor’s mom would have a hard time letting go of he son and the frequent texts they sent. So, she continued to text. 

That’s when something remarkable happened. Some would call it a coincidence, but others would believe that God was behind it. After all, the simple act of a new purchase and a short text led to an inspirational story shared with millions.

What’s a coincidence?

Coincidences are seemingly random acts that become connected by an important meaning. Usually, a coincidence is followed by the statement, “What are the odds?” While there is a lot of science that goes into the discussion of coincidence – and scientists might vary on their definitions of what a coincidence is – we usually recognize coincidences when we experience them. And, by nature, we experience them when we least expect them.


Most people have one of two beliefs: that life is either a series of coincidences or that everything happens for a reason. What a person believes often relies on faith. Regardless of what you call it, experiencing the connection of seemingly random acts can make us feel like we are not alone – that though we are moving around this world, each of us in our own bubbles – occasionally our bubbles collide. We are connected.

That’s what happened with Taylor’s mom. Not only are we inspired by this story, but also we can learn from it.

Dr. Tabor’s Three Faith Lessons

1. We are not alone. Even if we feel alone, we are not alone. God promised to always be with us, and sometimes He even brings others to use to touch our lives when we need it most – in a way that speaks specifically to us.

2. The kindness of a stranger can bring great comfort. We get so busy with our own lives that we often ignore opportunities to help someone, to reach out with a message, to extend a kind word or smile. We never know what those missed opportunities could lead to. If we are open to opportunities, we NEVER know what GOD can do!

3. How we live our life has great impact on others. Taylor lived a remarkable life. CHECK OUT his list of goals. The fact that he was able to do so much, to help so many, was no coincidence. It was a product of living a life with purpose. So much so that his very last act was that of purpose. I was shocked when I watched the video!

Do you believe in coincidences? Do you have a story of coincidence or Divine guidance to share? Please comment if so!

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