Police Officer Breaks Window To ‘Save’ Realistic-Looking Baby Doll From Hot Car

A New Hampshire police office breaks into a car on a hot day to save what he thought was a real baby. Ainslie, the infant inside, was actually a memorial doll. These dolls are extremely realistic and range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Ainslie looked so much like a real baby, the cop even tried CPR. Ainslie’s mom returned to her car, upset about what had happened. The police department agreed to pay for damages but for hopes to use this instance as a lesson for doll owners in the future.


Dear Sister and Brother,

1. God never fails.

2. God will never turn his back on you.

3. I pray that whatever you are going through in your life, God will show you a way through it and that you be showered with His mercy and grace. 

A relationship starts with communication…remember to talk to Jesus daily..

— Aaron Tabor, MD, Founder of Jesus Daily®

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