These conjoined twins were one in a million, find out why!

Although rare, there are still occurrences of conjoined twins in our world today. The severity of each case differs when some twins are easier to separate then others. Yet still with other cases doctors say it’s impossible for these twins to be separated at all.

Sadly enough, when twins are born with such a condition, they find it extremely difficult to act and lead a life like normal people. But the good news is that there has been tremendous progress in medical sciences. Some of these surgeries could be quite complicated using state-of-the technologies and surgeons with specialized skills.

Macy and Mackenzie Garrison were born as conjoined twins, but there was something that made their case even more rare. They were actually triplets rather than twins! All 3 of them are baby girls, but the conjoined twins got delivered first, followed by their sister who was born just like an average baby.


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