Nancy Ortberg shares inspiring message at TBC’s Large Group Gathering

Speaking at the Transforming the Bay with Christ (TBC) Large Group Gathering held at Westgate Church in San Jose, TBC’s CEO Nancy Ortberg shared her hope for the organization and emphasized the need for churches to unite and reach out to the local community with the truth of the Gospel.

Ortberg, who served as a teaching pastor at Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois for eight years and is on staff at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, began by pointing out the incredible things that happen when God shows up in places we least expect.

One of the last prayers that Jesus had was one for unity (John 17): “Why would he pray for unity when he had a short period of time left? Because he knew that’s where the power for a movement like this would come from,” Ortberg said. “Think about a venn diagram…I’m looking for that center slice in the middle where every circle overlaps…and in the center circle there’s Jesus, and serving…The goal of Christ is to bring all things together,” she said, quoting the Apostle Paul. “What if, in the Bay Area, across our country, leaders were looking to this area saying, ‘What is going on over there, in a place we least expect it?’ Unity can get us there.”



Dear Sister and Brother,

1. God will never fail you.

2. Unity is important, don’t let little disagreements keep you from serving God.

3. I pray that whatever you are going through in your life, God will show you a way through it and that you be showered with His mercy and grace.

A relationship starts with communication…remember to talk to Jesus daily..

— Aaron Tabor, MD, Founder of Jesus Daily®


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