Mom Puts on Facebook That No One’s Coming To Son’s Birthday, Then Strangers Throw Him Party

It was her son, Taenon’s, fourth birthday party, and she had planned an amazing birthday for him and his friends. But things did not go according to plan…

It’s a situation nobody wants: No-one showing up to a birthday party.

That’s a realisation mom Rachelle Briannan had to face, as attendees for her son’s birthday dropped out in the hours before the event.
Brianna posted an SOS on the Midnight Moms Facebook group on Sunday, asking how she could possibly make it up to her son Taenon after such a massive setback.

“So I’m sitting in my room quietly crying,” Briannan wrote. “12 kids were invited to my sons party today, and an hour before every one of them cancels or just doesn’t reply to my messages.”

It’s the first time Briannan’s son, who has just turned four, understood “the whole party with friends thing.”

“My heart is literally broken for him!! I’m so hurt and angry. What the hell can I do to make this up to him?” Briannan wrote. “Like I made him this huge superhero cake and there’s going to be no one to even sing happy birthday to him.”

The callout spurred up to 30 young children to the local McDonald’s where the birthday party was held at, according to a post by Midnight Moms. Some kids and their parents travelled from far away, with a local party supply company called Veronica’s Pantry donating helium balloons for the occasion.



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