They kissed her as they took her off life support…what happened next SHOCKED THE WORLD!

As parents, the Williams experienced unfathomable pain, as they made the devastating decision to take their toddler daughter off of life-support. They cried, held her hand and said their goodbyes. You won’t believe what happened next!! 

Bella was seemingly healthy when clumps of her hair began falling out months earlier. Within a short time, she was in the intensive care unit, critically ill and on life support. The child, not yet two years old, was diagnosed with a rare condition and had abnormalities on both sides of her brain. 

As her father held her hand awaiting what seemed inevitable, Bella did something astounding that confused the hospital personnel, leaving them scrambling. Don’t miss the miraculous story of how a devastated couple got an unimaginable gift.

Bella was diagnosed with biotinidase deficiency – an inherited condition that affects one in every 60,000 births, as reported in the video. The condition occurs when the body does not appropriately recycle biotin – a member of the B vitamin family that is important in cell growth, nervous system development, blood sugar stability, and hair, skin and liver health. Many people boost their intake of biotin to keep their hair and nails strong and their complexions glowing. In fact, children with partial biotinidase deficiency often suffer from skin conditions, like eczema. Bella’s lack of biotin resulted in her hair falling out as her first symptom of the disorder. Long-term lack of biotin causes increasing risk of more significant health problems – as Bella experienced.

God intervenes in miraculous ways! Share if you believe!


The National Institutes of Health, U.S. National Library of medicine states that children with biotinidase deficiency can have seizures, breathing issues, loss of vision and hearing, delayed development and muscle weakness.

Undetected, Bella’s condition worsened to a point where it appeared there was no hope for the child. Or, was there? Did God intervene?

God often surprises people with the unexpected. That is what miracles do! They surprise us.

Dr. Tabor shares three Bible stories with surprising outcomes.

1. Balaam and his unusual donkey – This story comes from the Old Testament. Balaam, a priest, mounted his donkey and started on a journey curse the Israelites at the request of the king. God was not going to allow that to happen to his people. He sent the angel of the Lord to block the way. Balaam couldn’t see the angel of the Lord, but his donkey could. Three times the angel of the Lord blocked the way; three times Balaam beat his donkey for not moving ahead properly. Finally, the Lord opened the donkey’s mouth, and it spoke: ““What have I done to you to make you beat me these three times?” After a brief discussion with his donkey, God opened Balaam’s eyes to see the angel of the Lord. God showed Balaam he was sinning. He turned back and God used him to help protect the Israelite people. (Numbers 22)

2. The fish with a special gift – Jesus was staying in Capernaum, when tax collectors came to Peter (also known as Simon) to collect from Jesus the temple tax – a yearly tax paid by Jewish males 20 years and older to help fund temple services. Jesus took the opportunity to teach Peter something. “What do you think, Simon?” Jesus asked. “From whom do the kings of the earth collect duty and taxes—from their own children or from others?” Peter answered, “From others.” “Then, the children are exempt,” Jesus said. Jesus’ point was that because the temple is God’s house, and he is God’s Son, he is truly exempt from the tax. However, Jesus did not want to offend the people and give them cause not to listen to him. So, he sent Peter fishing for the money – literally. Jesus told Peter that the money for both of their taxes would be found in the mouth of the first fish Peter caught. (Matthew 17:24-27)

3. Tabitha and her grateful friends – Tabitha was a special woman. The Bible says she was always doing good and helping the poor. Tabitha got sick and died, leaving her friends in despair. They heard Peter was in a nearby town and then sent for him. When Peter arrived, the widows showed him the clothes and robes Tabitha had made for them. Peter went upstairs to where Tabitha’s body lay. He knelt down and prayed. Then, he took he by the hand and told her to get up – and she did! Peter then presented her to her very happy friends. Many people heard about what happened and believed in God. (Acts 9:32-42)

So, what surprise did the Williams and hospital staff get when they took Bella off life support? Watch and see!

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