This Is Too Funny! Watch This Husky Imitate His Baby Friend

Babies have their own language. So do dogs. What happens when a baby and husky find a common language? Well, it gets a little noisy.

The two become enamored with each other, going back and forth with babbles and howls, in delightful conversation. Mom cannot help chuckling, as the dialog continues. The baby applauds with glee.

Just search the Internet and you will see how adorable babies and dogs can be together. And, while the two can become best buddies, there are some things that need to be considered when bringing a new baby into a home with an existing dog.

The ASPCA makes some recommendations for expanding families, including helping the dog to transition to new routine and activity in the house, helping the dog to become familiar with other children before bringing a baby home, and providing additional training if need be.

Experts also caution that babies should not be left alone with dogs. Even the gentlest of dogs can be agitated by the new, often surprising sounds that come from babies. Babies also can reach for and grab their fluffy companions out of curiosity, leading the animal to react.

The only reacting going on in this video, however, is two-way communication!

This duo can teach us a thing or two about that!


Dr. Tabor shares three learnings about communication from this cute twosome!

1. We don’t have to speak the same language to share the same message. God loves all people. We might come from different places in life, different backgrounds and different experiences, but if we look to the Creator of all people – and look to people’s hearts – we can find commonality that enables us to communicate God’s love with those around us.

2. It’s not hard to start a conversation with someone. Just start talking. We go through this busy life with blinders on sometimes. We move from one task to the next on schedule – or more often – behind schedule. We would be wise to make time in our day for God meetings – those unexpected connections that God brings our way to encourage others and us.

3. It doesn’t take long to change someone’s day through a friendly conversation. There is so much happiness in this video, we are reminded that spreading joy to those around us can be as easy as a brief encounter. The baby’s happy smile, clapping hands and the mother’s laughter all remind us how easy it is to experience joy.

With short attention spans, both the baby and the husky eventually go their own ways. The dog defaults to barking.

The fun exchange, however, is sure to put a smile on the faces of dog lovers and baby lovers alike.

Do you want to encourage someone today? Share God’s love? Spread some joy? Share this video to put a smile on someone else’s face.

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