Huge Lion Freaks Out After Little Girl Blows a Kiss at Zoo

Lions are majestic. They are described as king of the jungle. And, we are fascinated with them. We love to watch the movie, “The Lion King,” journeying with Simba as he grows from youth to adulthood.

And, it is no wonder. Lions are strong. They are beautiful with light golden coats. And they are big! An adult lion weighs between 400 and 425 lbs. They live about 10-15 years, but in the wild, lifespans are reduced due to injury and fighting. And, speaking of fighting, have you ever wondered what a lion’s mane does? It protects them during fights!


Watch what happens when this lion meets a little girl! Wow, this is crazy!



Dr. Tabor’s Three Things We Learn From Lions

1. Fellowship – Lions live together in a pride. A pride includes about 15 lions. The strongest lion leads the pride, until he is challenged and another male takes over. A leader’s reign lasts only a few years, on average. There are usually a few males of lesser strength, but the pride is mostly made up of females and young. It is usually the females that do the hunting, and they do it together. They know the value of TEAMWORK!! Lions can be quite affectionate with one another. Often, they are seen cuddling, purring and licking each other.

Lions teach us about sharing life together!

2. Communication – Lions have a complex system of communication. They use moans, roars, groans and purrs to share their location, greet one another and complement their affections, among other things. A lion’s roar may be a show of strength to a rival or a claiming of territory. Make no mistake; other lions in earshot will get the message.

Lions teach us about clear communication!

3. Power – Lions are very strong – especially in their teeth. They are protective, fearless, courageous and passionate, among other things. It’s no wonder lions are mentioned in the Bible as symbols of these things. Jesus is called the lion of Judah. The tribe of Judah describes the lineage through which Jesus came to earth.

Lions teach us about the attributes of God!

So, imagine what happens with the power and strength of a lion faces off against a little girl. They are both fascinated with each other, it appears. The little girl cannot contain her affection. So, she shares her kisses with the lion. Can you believe the lion’s reaction? I am not sure how he felt about those kisses. Did he want to give kisses and hugs back? You decide!

Comment if you think you know!

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