He wanted his Mommie…what happened next SHOCKED the world!

Have you ever missed your mother? I certainly have. The love and guidance that comes from the mother/son relationship is irreplaceable; and when we do not have it, we will do whatever it takes to get it back. I remember a time when I lived overseas and was unable to call home. I did everything I could think of until I was finally able to get my hands on a calling card. If I shared the full story, some of you might think I was crazy! However, what I did was nothing compared to the sheer determination shown by the boy in this video. What did he do? You will have to watch for yourself!

But, I promise you, you won’t believe your eyes!


After watching this video, many have argued that the child is possessed. The comment section is filled with statements like, “How could any normal child climb like that?!” and “Look at those eyes!” However, any paranormal explanation for the child’s feat is an unlikely one. Don’t believe me? Consider the alternatives: 1) the child was seemingly and arbitrarily possessed for 22 seconds or 2) a lonely yet determined little boy did everything he could to reach his mother yet stopped when he realized that he could go no further. I believe the latter is the more plausible of the two. Moreover, the dedication of this son to his mother is truly commendable. When was the last time you told your mother just how much you appreciate her?

The relationship between mother and child is often firmly rooted in familial love and respect. Yet mother and child are so close that the relationship is often taken for granted. We must challenge our complacencies. Never allow an overfamiliarity in your relationship result in a lack of genuine appreciation.

Dr. Tabor’s Three Points on Appreciating Our Mothers

You do NOT have to wait until Mother’s Day to do something special for your mother! Did you know that flowers are sold on days OTHER than Mother’s Day? Crazy, right? Flowers on Mother’s Day is trite. Flowers on a random day is truly special.

No one is promised tomorrow. Never think that you can always do something nice tomorrow. Neither you nor her are promised tomorrow; do something today, right now even. Think about it this way; is what you were doing REALLY that important?

Honor your mother with word and deed. God commanded the Israelites to honor their father and their mother so that they “may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you,” (Exodus 20:12). For the Israelites, being in the land was life and being outside the land was death. Therefore, according to God, honoring our mothers is the key to a prosperous life!

Share this message to honor your mother!

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