Her Mom Couldn’t Have More Kids, So Harper Got Another Best Friend: Meet Lola.

We’ve seen all sorts of photo sets from creative parents that feature cute kids in adorable situations. But this new set really takes the cake:

Professional photographer Rachel Leimbach struggled for years with fertility issues. When at last she and her husband conceived, it became apparent that little Harper would be their first and last biological child. Rachel almost felt guilty, wishing so much to give Harper a sibling to grow and play with, to love and protect or learn from. Enter Lola, the family bull dog.

“They have a funny bond. Harper loves Lola immensely, except when Lola eats her toys, which happens quite often. Lola is very protective of Harper, she is always in Harper’s business. Whatever Harper is doing, Lola must investigate to make sure it’s kosher. Lola treats Harper like I think she would have treated one of her own puppies, had she not been spayed,” Rebecca told My Modern Met.

And a funny bond indeed.

They started young and just kept going…

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