I Didn’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cheer as Stephen Colbert Presented Bible Critic Bart Ehrman With a Hilarious Gospel Smackdown.

Bart Ehrman is famous if you trek in the right circles. A biblical scholar and critic, Ehrman has written several books that call into question deeply held beliefs of Christians, from the Bible’s reliability to the very divinity of Jesus.

Stephen Colbert is more famous if you trek in any circle. The host of the satirical news program The Colbert Report recently got a promotion as David Letterman’s replacement on Late Night. The TV funnyman is also a confessing Catholic who teaches Sunday school at his local parish. What happens when you put a man who denies the divinity of Jesus in the same room as a professional comedian with a theological bone to pick? A hilarious Gospel smackdown.



1. God is always with you.

2. God knows what you need before you even ask.

3. I pray you are aware of his presence in your life today.

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— Aaron Tabor, MD, Founder of Jesus Daily®

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