Turn A Simple Braid Into An Elegant Updo With This Unbelievably Simple Tutorial

We all want to look good for that next special event we have coming up. A lot of times we spend big bucks at a salon to get our hair done, but what if there was an elegant updo that you or a friend could learn to do at home?

This braided updo is fairly simple to do but looks incredibly sophisticated and elegant! Try it out yourself or see if a friend can help you create this look for your next formal event.

Watch the video tutorial below to go through the updo step-by-step!

Did you try this hairstyle? Share about it in the comments below!


Hello Sister,

1. There are plenty of DIY beauty tricks to help you save money.

2. Beauty consists of much more than hair and makeup – but they still help us feel beautiful!

3. Beauty fades, but a woman who fears the Lord is praised.

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