In today’s eco-conscious world, parents try to teach their children the benefits of reducing the impact of trash, recycling and reusing items. As parents search for safe and savvy ways to raise healthy kids while leaving them an intact world, it’s no wonder stainless steel water bottles have emerged as a solution to the problem of plastic water bottle toxicity and waste.

But, there could be a hidden danger to children of which parents may be unaware.

Concerned about potential toxins present in plastics, many have turned to stainless steel alternatives. Stainless steel water bottles received a high rating as an alternative to disposable plastic water bottles. gave the stainless options a 4 out of 5 score, mostly owing to their durable, high-quality design. They are also trendy, which boosts their appeal.

Many tout the merits of a metal bottle as a good back-to-school option for kids. And that is precisely where nine-year-old Texas-resident Trenton Mikkola was, when he took a drink from his metal water bottle that landed him in the emergency room.

The child described the ordeal to Houston-based. Trenton said that he was simply taking a sip of water to “get energy” in him, when the bottle created suction that pulled the youngsters tongue so deeply inside that it couldn’t be freed. Trenton could neither speak nor swallow, he told the KHOU reporter.

When repeated attempts by school personnel to remove the water bottle failed, Trenton’s mother, Tawanna Mikkola, ended up taking the boy to the emergency room, where doctor’s eventually determined surgery would be required to remove the bottle. The boy’s tongue was so swollen that his airway was blocked. He spent four days in ICU with a breathing tube.

Trenton’s parents shared photos of the crisis to warn other parents and school personnel of the potential danger. In fact, Tawanna MIkkola told that school personnel should have acted more swiftly and called 911.

While doctors in the ER s in Katy, Texas, said they had not seen this type of thing before, it is not the first reported incident of a child getting his or her tongue stuck in a metal water bottle.

Several years before Trenton’s frightening experience, posted a story on its website and Facebook page, alerting users to the concern. This was on the heels of a similar incident involving a little girl, Mary Kate Person, who had an experience similar to Trenton’s. The child’s tongue also got stuck.

Mary Kate’s father, Andy Person, said that doctor’s told him two worst-case scenarios: the child’s airway would become blocked so that she would suffocate; or, her tongue would die and she would not be able to speak anymore.

After a three-hour surgery and three days in the hospital, the child recovered.

from Austin, Texas, removed a bottle from a nine-year-old boy’s tongue after a similar incident. Dr. Whited is a board-certified otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon with specialized fellowship training in voice, swallowing and airway disorders.

Speaking to The Today Show, he said that, while rare, these incidents are serious and require special tools to remove. Dr. Whited added that anytime you use powerful surgical tools by a child’s face, it is “very serious.”

In response to the Today Show article, PrintGlobe, Inc., manufacturer of the particular bottle involved in Mary Kate’s accident issued a statement. , produced by the Promotional Products Association International, reported that, while the company had never heard of such a thing occurring, it voluntarily removed that model of bottle from its catalog. PrintGlobe stated it was “saddened and concerned” to hear of the injury, and that it wished the child well in her recovery.

had this advice for parents. “Use a bottle with a spout or straw. Don’t feel like you have to rule out all plastics,” it said, noting that there are a number of BPA-free options.


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