Smokers Vs Non-Smokers: SHOCKING Pics Of Twins That Will Make You Quit Instantly

We all know that tobacco is bad for our health. Smoking cigarettes is a very expensive and time consuming habit that can ultimately cost someone their life.

Because smoking is so addictive it can become a lifelong habit. These twins show us how smoking will make you look if you keep it up.

You can tell the smoker in this set is on the right. You can see the differences in his eyes, his wrinkles and his hairline.

The twin on the right has been smoking for 16 years and you can tell how it has affected her skin, lips, hair and eyes. She looks so much older than her twin sister!

The smoker in this picture is on the left. You can see that she has more wrinkles and dark bags under her eyes.

The twin on the right only smokes about 2 cigarettes a day but you can tell that she smokes because her hair is more brittle and her eyes are narrow.


Brother or sister,

1. Our bodies are God’s temple.

2. God has given us healthy things to put in our bodies.

3. We need to take care of our bodies, so we can be strong to care for those around us.

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