Liam McNally’s Performance Of ‘You Raise Me Up’ Is Breathtaking!

Fourteen-year-old Liam McNally sings like an angel! Watch this young contestant on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent absolutely blow the judges and the audience away! God has blessed him with a special gift and no one knows if it will last once his voice changes. So, Liam is making the most of what he has now and singing God’s praises! 

His parents are stunned to see his special gift. They do not know where his out-of-this-world voice comes from. There is no denying, however, that those who have the privilege of hearing his voice here on earth are touched by his talent.


You Raise Me Up is one of the most loved inspirational songs released in recent years. It made its debut in 2001. The song originated from Secret Garden, an Irish-Norwegian new-age duo. While it made a small impact on the international music scene, it exploded in popularity when Josh Grobin’s 2003 version was released in America. The Grammy-nominated number-one hit has now been performed by over 100 artists, inspirational, classical and Celtic singers – and we can now add Liam McNally to that list of performers.

No one in Liam’s family had ever gone into singing. His parents, in fact, are tone deaf. Tone deafness affects about 20 percent of people. It is often misunderstood. When a person is tone deaf, he or she has a hard time distinguishing pitch and differences in notes. This often leads to mistakes when attempting to sing or to play a musical instrument. Tone deafness is a problem of perception. It is not the only reason people may struggle with singing. Other reasons include poor voice and muscle control. A little over half of all people are thought to struggle with singing.

Not Liam, though.


His voice is beautiful! Don’t you agree? Liam’s voice is inspiring.

Songs have been used throughout history to inspire us. An entire book of the Bible is devoted to songs – the book of Psalms. Outside of that, there are other songs that were written in response to mighty acts of God. Do you know any of them?

Dr. Tabor shares three songs from the Bible

The song of Moses and Israel – This song appears in Exodus 15:1-18. It is a song of praise for God’s protection and salvation after God spared the Israelites as they fled from the Egyptians. After plagues afflicted the Egyptians, Pharaoh relented to let the Israelites leave the country. Later regretting his decision, he had his army pursue the former slaves to the border of the Red Sea. God miraculously parted the sea, allowing the Israelites to cross on dry land. When the Egyptian army followed, the waters rushed in, drowning the pursuers. The song of Moses and Israel recounts the event and ends with the statement, “The Lord shall reign forever and ever.”

Hannah’s song – Recorded in 1 Samuel 2:1-10, Hannah’s song is a song of thanksgiving to God. Hannah was barren and longed for a child. She asked God for a child, and promised that, if he granted this to her, she would give that child to the Lord’s work. Hannah gave birth to Samuel the following year, and, when he was weaned, she took him to the temple to live with Eli, the priest, and serve God. Despite how difficult this must have been, Hannah sings her song upon taking Samuel to the temple to live. In her song, she praises God for all he has done and speaks of how God exalts the lowly. Hannah’s song begins: “My heart exults in the Lord.”

Mary’s song – Called the Magnificat, Mary’s song appears in Luke 1:46-55. The song begins with a phrase that is similar to the start of Hannah’s song, “My soul exalts in the Lord.” It is Mary’s response to learning she is to be the mother of Jesus, the Savior of the world. It praises God’s mighty deeds and expresses the joy Mary has in being used by God in this special way – although she is a humble young woman.

These biblical songs are a blessing to us. Liam, too, is a blessing, as he takes his position in front of the judges. No doubt he will bless you!!

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