Tragic Child Stars: 9 Depressed Celebs Who Hid Behind Their Success

Celebrities often become larger-than-life characters in the eyes of the public. We idolize and champion them as heroes and role models. Some celebrities have earned this accolade (Tim Tebow comes to mind); others have not. Regardless of a celebrity’s character, none are immune to the burdens of life. Like you and I, they are human. Here are 9 child stars whose stories remind us that tragedy shows no favor.

Shirley Temple

Known for her curly locks, this childhood star had to torture herself daily to maintain her Hollywood image, often burning her eyes with vinegar rinses aimed at keeping her hair iconic.

Gary Coleman

Coleman’s iconic stature was due to a congenital autoimmune condition that had him in and out of hospitals, often requiring dialysis. He also received two kidney transplants.

Rick Nelson

This teen idol, due to an overbearing father and perfectionist mother, dealt daily with extreme confidence issues and depression.

Patty Duke

Duke suffered from bipolar disorder. A heavy burden for any person to bear, let alone a 16-year-old.

Maureen McCormick

The eldest Brady sister in the hit TV show, The Brady Bunch, McCormick suffered from severe depression. She claimed to enjoy the scenes where her character, Marcia, needed to cry. It was a release for her.

Natalie Wood

A victim of her mother’s desperation and star of the classic movie Miracle on 34th Street, Natalie Wood was forced into relationships with much older men and told to ignore the abuse they would often inflict.

Jackie Coogan

Charlie Chaplin partner and childhood star of classic movie The Kid, Coogan’s parents squandered every penny of his fortune, which ultimately inspired congress to pass the Coogan Act in 1939; a bill that protects young performers’ assets.

Margaret O’Brien

O’Brien lost her mother at the age of seven. Also, a person stole her cherished Oscar, which took her 40 years to find.

Jackie Cooper

Childhood star of the series Our Gang, Cooper’s father abandoned his family when he was only 2 years old. At the age of 9, Cooper’s uncle pretended to kill his family dog. Cooper never forgave his uncle.

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