Toxic Black Mold: 7 Symptoms To Never Ignore

Life is worrisome enough without the concerns of black mold. However, do not let the burdens of life lead you to ignore these fuzzy fiends. Black mold can grow in damp areas and is extremely toxic. If you think your home might be infested with black mold, don’t hesitate, get it checked out immediately. Here are 7 symptoms of black mold.

Allergy Symptoms, Asthma, Difficulty Breathing – The most common effect mold has on the body is a diminished respiratory system. If you have this symptom and do not typically have issues breathing or are experiencing more issues than normal, get checked out immediately.


Difficulty with Memory/Concentration – Feelings of disorientation are a common symptom of mold spore inhalation, which can hinder brain functionality.


Nausea/Vomiting – Black mold can wreak havoc on your digestive system, making you feel nauseated.


Weakened Immune System/Chronic Sickness – The most suggestive symptom of black mold is being sick all the time. If you are sick all the time, it might not be you. It might be your house.




Foggy Windows – Moisture gathers where mold grows. If you notice a foggy window, investigate. You might have a mold problem.



Mysterious Stains – Black mold typically grows on tile grout, stucco, windowsills, and rooflines. If you see dark stains in these areas, you might have a mold problem.


Dusty Vents – If a dust-like material is blowing from your AC vents, mold could be growing inside.


If you recognize any of these symptoms, act quickly. Consider hiring a professional to inspect your home. Kill any mold you see, clean your air filters regularly, and fix any water leaks that could create an environment for mold growth.

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