Recipes From The 70’s That Are Still Loved Today

Our culture as Americans has expanded and with it our cuisine. The 1970’s introduced us to a plethora of delicious new foods, many of which continue to thrive at restaurants and dining rooms across the country. Here are a few dishes from the 70’s that are still favorites today.

Pasta Primavera

Made famous by chef Boyardee, pasta primavera has become a household favorite. The details of the recipe might vary from one grandmother to the next but all pasta primavera dishes share one thing: deliciousness.

Cheese Fondue

An ideal recipe for any occasion, cheese fondue was a 70’s craze. Dating back to 19th century Switzerland, every bite of ooey gooey goodness is a delicious step back in time.


The quiche stole the hearts (and taste buds) of 1970’s America. It continues to live in coffee shops across the country.

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