She Dies In A Tragic Car Crash…But A SHOCKING TWIST Brings Her Back 5 Weeks Later

In 2006, nine Taylor University students met with tragedy when a tractor-trailer collided with their vehicle killing five of the students and severely injuring the rest. Among the apparent survivors was 22-year-old Laura VanRyn. VanRyn, severely injured from the accident, was rushed to nearest hospital for immediate treatment. Unable to speak and badly disfigured, Laura’s family would remain by her side every day for five weeks.

During that five-week period, Laura’s friends and family began to notice something was off; Laura’s teeth looked different and she had a belly button piecing, which seemed out of character. One day, after a therapy session, a doctor asked Laura to write down her name. What she wrote would shake the VanRyns to their core.

Instead of writing Laura, she wrote “Whitney.” Whitney Cerak, pronounced dead at the scene, had been mistaken for Laura VanRyn. One family’s joy was another family’s heartbreak. Whitney survived; Laura did not.

Despite this terrible tragedy, the VanRyns remain steadfast in their faith, stating, “There are just some things that can’t be explained, but the faith that we have in God has gone so deep. . . even in the midst of crisis, it’s been that which really has given us the strength to get through all of this.” Praise God for this family’s faith!

Dear Sister and Brother,

1. God IS in control.

2. Life is not always fair, it rains on the just and the unjust…we should not compare our lives to others but focus on the plan God has for us.

3. Bad things will happen in this world, but God promised us a home in heaven if we believe in Jesus. A home without sorrow, pain or death…where we never will grow old.

Please share Jesus Daily with your friends and family…

— Aaron Tabor, MD, Founder of Jesus Daily®

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