90-Year-Old Forced To Leave Home On Stretcher Because Of Secret He Kept Hidden From Kids

The story of 90-year-old Navy veteran, Johnnie Hodges Sr., is one of love and heartbreak, dedication and courage; all the characteristics one might expect from a story about a love-stricken Navy vet giving his all in support of his dying wife.

Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Flora, Hodges’ wife, was dependent upon Hodges for everything and Hodges, a loving man, devoted his everything to the health and happiness of his beloved Flora, which, unfortunately, meant making the difficult decision to forgo mortgage payments on his family home in order to cover the high cost of his wife’s medical treatment. Flora would eventually pass, leaving Hodges grief stricken and in debt. Still he refused to tell his children of his troubles.

Living only on the meager wages of social security, Hodges was unable to pull himself out of debt and eventually forced from his home in Buffalo, New York. They escorted him out on a stretcher as the news media watched.



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