10 Surprisingly Strict Rules Every Princess Is Forced To Follow

Many little girls dream of becoming a princess. As a child, we sang and danced as though we were Cinderella Herself. We dawned a toy crown, held regular tea parties, and dreamt of prince charming. However, being a real princess requires more than merely dawning a crown; it requires hard work. Here are 10 surprisingly strict rules every princess must follow.

  1. Learn Multiple Languages

Modern-day princesses are encouraged to learn as many languages as possible so they can speak with foreign diplomats

  1. Give Up Your Voting Rights

Princesses represent the whole nation. Showing favor to one party over another would damage her image.

  1. Lose Your Wild Side

Princesses are to be an example for others and a representation of all that is good in their country.

  1. Prepare For A Life Of Formalities

Nicknames are not allowed in the royal family, at least not in public. The life of the princess is one of constant formalities.

  1. Stay Impeccably Groomed

Princess Catherine, for example, is expected to attend the salon at least three times a week for haircuts and stylings. Kiss your pajamas goodbye, princess.

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