9 Year Old Boy Cries During Audition…Then SHOCKS Everyone, including SIMON!

Nine-year-old Malaki is a schoolboy from London, but you might think he is an angel. His powerful voice is not only beautiful, but it is filled with emotion – especially when stage fright takes over. Malaki is brought to tears, and so are we.

With encouragement from the judges, and carried by a hug and earlier words from his mom, Malaki is encouraged to try again.
“Imagine me backstage, saying ‘Yes, Malaki! Go, Malaki! Yes, Malaki! Think about that in your head,’” his mom offers backstage.

Does the encouragement work? Can Malaki overcome his stage fright? You’ll have to see for yourself.


AWW! How sweet, such a touching moment!


But, he is definitely not alone as one who is struck by stage fright. It is something that plagues even the most seasoned stars. Reports say that celebrities like Barbra Streisand, Ozzy Osbourne, Eddy Van Halen and Adele experience it.

Stage fright brings intense feelings of nervousness before or during a performance or a presentation in front of a crowd – in fact, it is also called performance anxiety. Many Americans are more afraid of performing in front of a crowd – be it a speech or a song – than they are of dying. That shows the intensity of emotion that can come when people are experiencing stage fright.

People who overcome stage fright often do so by employing anxiety-busting techniques, including visualization (not necessarily picturing people in their undergarments, but visualizing a successful performance); relaxation (deep breathing, prayer or meditation); reducing food or drinks that cause nervous feelings (foods that contain caffeine or chocolate, for example); and, shifting negative or perfectionistic thoughts to positive thoughts; and being fully prepared.

Another thing that can help is encouragement. If we know that someone is on our side and that they love us no matter what, it can help to lessen our anxiety over making a mistake.

Whether we experience stage fright or a bigger foe, fear is fear. We all experience it. So, what do we need to remember when we face fear?

Dr. Tabor Shares Three Truths On Fear.

1. God is with us. God tells us not to be afraid, because he is with us. Whether you are facing a minor mistake or a big crisis, God wants you to have peace and trust Him. (Isaiah 41:10)

2. You are stronger than you might think. We have resources that we do not know we have until we have to use them. Inner determination, abilities and wisdom sometime don’t come forward until needed. It is then that we see what we are truly made of.

3. There is a big picture. Sometimes when we are feeling fearful, we are focused on an isolated time or incident. We are determining outcomes before anything has happened. There are things that we go through that make us fearful, but with God and the resources He has given us, we can overcome. God has a plan for us – and that plan includes freedom from fear.

So, what did Malaki do in the face of his fear? You’ll have to watch the video for yourself if you haven’t yet!

Wait until you hear the word he uses at the end of the video to describe his experience.

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