1. Jesus speaks. The original film features an extensive nativity scene, while the 2016 adaptation brings more focus to Judah Ben-Hur’s young adult and adult years – which intersect with Jesus’ adult years.

2. Animal safety. Advancements in digital techniques enabled filmmakers to create dramatic scenes, while sparing animals from risks present during the filming of the 1959 motion picture.

3. Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman’s Ilderim, Ben-Hur’s mentor, is expanded and more developed.

4. Strong women. Because of the opportunities women have been given since the 1959 film was created, the roles of both Esther and Tirzah have been developed with more depth, complexity and strength.

5. Love-Hate. The new version rounds out the story and further develops the fraternal relationship between Antagonist Messala and Protaganist Judah Ben-Hur.

6. G4 and Go-Pro. While the chariot scene in the 1959 adaptation is cemented in movie-making history, the 2016 film creates a spectacular and thrilling experience for the audience by leveraging all the advancements in cinematography from the last 50 years.

7. A modern twist. Ben-Hur 2016 brings the timeless tale of forgiveness and redemption to a new generation that has never heard of the original 1959 film or the novel from which it was inspired, “Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ,“ written by Lew Wallace in 1880.

8. Love. The relationship between Ben-Hur and Esther is more fully explored, as is the relationship between Messala and Tirza.

9. The ending. The 2016 filmmakers bring new elements into the story’s final scenes that further solidify the story’s themes.

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