Do Any Of These Sound Like You? You Might Be Struggling With This One Toxic Sin…

Chances are, if you are able to read this blog post, you are more fortunate than the majority of people in this world. For starters, you have been taught how to read, which is huge. You probably have enough food for the day, a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, and the luxury of leisure time to surf the web. You have a computer, and access to the internet, which we can all agree is pretty amazing. We are truly blessed. But sometimes these blessings can serve as a distraction. That roof over your head keeps you so nice and dry, you don’t want to weather the storm with someone who really needs a friend. Your bed is so cozy, you don’t want to get up 30 minutes early to spend time in the Word. The internet is so good at locating all of your friends from high school, that you don’t have time to talk to the guy who sits across from you at work. Sounding familiar? The problem is not that comfort is a bad thing, or that the internet is evil – it’s our lack of discipline, and default setting of worshipping idols rather than the one true God. So here are a few telling signs that comfort has taken over your life, and how to get back on track!


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