WOW! I Had No Idea Some of These Were Christian Businesses!

Brands like Not of This World are popular among the Christian subculture, and it’s hard to miss religious companies with places like Family Christian Stores and Lifeway dotting shopping malls. But did you know some stalwarts of American culture are in fact founded by Christians and continue to operate on those principles to this day? Here, we look at seven corporations that still think to put Jesus first.

#7 Interstate Batteries

With a corporate chaplain and support staff, Interstate Batteries is known to help employees live a daily work life with Bible study and prayer opportunities. In addition to these daily realities, Interstate partners with Angel Tree to provide gifts to needy families at Christmastime, has a “volunteer month” wherein an employee can use company time for a full day to do charity work, and partners with World Vision for global development opportunities. In supporting specific organizations, the company even has a page on their website dedicated to God’s love.

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