7 Car life hacks that make life so much easier!

Owning your own car can be a bother. You have to worry about paying for insurance, making repairs, topping off on gas and defogging your headlights. On the plus side, you have a car that you can use to travel at your leisure!

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If you own a car, we are about to make your life a whole lot easier. Check out these 7 car life hacks that can make life a whole lot easier!

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Watch the video where Crazy Russian Hacker shows you these simple tips (The one about grocery bags is awesome!).

Dr. Tabor’s 3 Life Prescriptions:
<li>God gifts us with things that can make our everyday life easier.</li>
<li>Always be safe when driving, don’t let anything distract you!</li>
<li>Giving othersĀ advice is a good thing, butĀ make sure you listen to advice, too!</li>
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